What is Supervision?

Supervision is a valuable, formal, collaborative, structured process that ensures that the therapist is best meeting the needs of their clients. Supervision provides a safe place where a therapist can review and consider their work in order to improve. It allows the therapist to reflect upon the content, structure and process of their work.

Supervision is not about policing or checking up on the therapist. Instead, it is where a good professional relationship has been successfully developed and where good rapport has been established to instil trust and transparency and best practice. Supervision is a form of practical learning. It is reflective, focused and work based and helps to build creativity and confidence. It is a confidential service which provides the therapist with a safe space to grow and develop.

Why is supervision important?

Supervision encourages the therapist to focus on their abilities, knowledge and strengths. It helps the therapist to notice what works, what is most effective and how to be creative and flexible when working with clients. Supervision ensures continual client improvement and care, enhances the professionalism of therapists through promotion of on-going professional development and maintains legal and ethical standards.

About me

I originally trained at the Clifton Practice in Bristol and I am a full time Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. I continue to regularly train and enhance my learning and over the years I have added to my qualifications. This enables me to utilise a wide range of tools and techniques with both my clients and my supervisees, whilst still maintaining a strong and solid Solution Focused foundation to my practice. Training to be a Supervisor was the next logical step for me in my professional development. I trained with the National Council of Hypnotherapists (NCH) at Regent’s University in London where I qualified as an Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor. I am based in a beautiful, peaceful clinic in the village of Iron Acton in South Gloucestershire. The clinic is conveniently situated with good transport links from Bristol, Gloucester, Bath, Cardiff and the surrounding area.

My Professional Details

I offer supervision that respects the individual’s training, professional philosophy and therapeutic approach. I am influenced by my own training as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and also as an NCH Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor. I am a member of the NCH and the CNHC and I comply with their code of Ethics and Practice.

How often is Supervision Needed?

This will vary according to your length of time in practice and which professional associations you are a member of. For example, it is a membership requirement of the AfSFH that therapists attend supervision for a minimum of six times per year. This can be a combination of group and one to one.

Supervision Options

Group Supervision is extremely valuable, offering support and providing opportunities for less experienced therapists to learn from more experienced ones, and vice versa, as often experienced therapists learn and validate their own experiences through discussion with others.

Group Supervision takes place on the 3rd Saturday of every month, 10am – 1pm at The Old Rectory Clinic, High Street, Iron Acton, South Glos, BS37 9UQ. Cost of group supervision is £30 per session.

Booking for Group Supervision is essential. You can book your place via email [email protected] or telephone 07920 098311.

One-to-One Supervision
I offer Individual Supervision by appointment, face to face in person, through skype or over the telephone. This is a flexible approach, which is tailored to the needs of the supervisee. One-to-one Supervision can allow an increased focus on the supervisee’s individual workload and circumstances. One-to-one supervision lasts for one hour and all sessions are by pre-arranged appointment.

In person
Individual face-to-face sessions are by appointment at The Old Rectory Clinic, High Street, Iron Acton, South Glos, BS37 9UQ. The cost of one-to-one supervision is £50 for up to one hour.

Via Telephone
For telephone, the supervisee can contact me on my landline of 01454 228861 or mobile 07920 098311 at the pre-arranged time. The cost of one-to-one supervision is £50 for up to one hour.

Via Skype
For Skype calls, the supervisee can contact me through my Skype address carolinehuish at the pre-arranged time. The cost of one-to-one supervision is £50 for up to one hour.

  •  Saturday 19th January 2019
  •  Saturday 16th February 2019
  •  Saturday 16th March 2019
  •  April – No supervision - clashes with Easter bank holiday weekend
  •  Saturday 18th May 2019
  •  Saturday 15th June 2019
  •  Saturday 20th July 2019
  •  Saturday 17th August 2019
  •  Saturday 21st September 2019
  •  Saturday 19th October 2019
  •  Saturday 16th November 2019
  •  Saturday 14th December 2019

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