How to form new habits

New habits are formed by repetition; it’s a bit like this...

A habit is like a well-worn path through a large field. So, let’s say this path takes you to marshland and that is not where you want to go anymore. You would like to now go to the berry bush in the corner of the field. The only problem is that there is no path to the berry bush, and the grass in the field is four feet high and hard to walk through.

Obviously, the thing you need to do is to make a new path. It may be a little difficult and will certainly be a lot harder than going down the well-worn path. But, if you want to get to the berry bush that is what you need to do.

Imagine you have walked to the berry bush a couple of times creating a rough but visible pathway. Then you begin down the original path again and you come to a fork where you see the well-worn path that leads to the marshland and the less trodden path that leads to the berry bush.

What happens when you choose the berry bush path every time you come to the fork? It becomes easier and easier to walk down. And what happens to the other path? It grows over and becomes more and more difficult to walk down. A new habit is forming and at some point it will become effortless, automatic.

So, the good news is…..we all have the ability to learn and change by re-wiring our brains. If you have ever changed a bad habit or thought a about something differently, you have created a new pathway in your brain. With repetition and desire you can rewire your brain!