How to stay committed to your goals

Having a goal is relatively easy. Goals come in all shapes and sizes and not just at the beginning of each year as a New Year resolution. You may want to lose weight, get fitter, stop smoking or even feel more confident in embracing the new and unknown.

If you really want something and you really want change then you need to have a plan and not just good intentions. A goal without a plan is just wishful thinking.

There are two important points to consider when wanting to stay on track with your goals and actually turning them into reality.

Here are two tips for goal achievement:

Be realistic

There is no point in setting a goal to run a marathon in a months’ time if you can't even currently run one mile. This is an unrealistic goal as it is highly unlikely to be achieved in the given timescale. The goal of running a marathon is completely achievable but not necessarily in the time frame.

Think about your goals and your reality. Is it the right time in your life? Are there any obstacles that could hold you back? Do you have the time? Is it actually completely your own goal or are your decisions based on what others expect and want of you rather than your own desires?

Remember to break the goals down into small manageable steps. It's just one small action that you make every day that brings you closer to your goal. For example researching online to find a beginners training plan to running a marathon is a first step to achieving the overall goal.

Be committed

You need to be determined to reach your goals. It's that simple.

The most important part of goal setting is always the why. Ask yourself why do you want to achieve that goal? How will it affect your life? Why will you feel better for it? Have your goal in mind at all times. Don't dismissively say to yourself that "just one doughnut won't hurt" if your goal is to cut down on your sugar intake, or "I'll just have this one cigarette" if you are trying to become a non-smoker. If you do that too often your goal will slip further out of reach and you will start to form bad habits that will hold you back from being who you really want to be.

You are more likely to stick to goals if you are constantly being reminded of them so write them down, put reminders on your smart phone calendar, create a vision board of all you want to achieve - whatever works for you as a reminder, do it.

Tell yourself you can achieve your goals and imagine how you will feel when you do achieve your goals.

It's simple, decide what you want, why you want it, how you're going to achieve it and then just DO IT!