The learning curve

Stage 1 Unconsciously Incompetent You don’t know what you don’t know Stage 3 Consciously Incompetent You grow and know and it starts to show Stage 2 Consciously Competent You know what it is you don’t know Stage 4 Unconsciously Competent You simply go because of what you know

Stage 1 - Unconsciously Incompetent

When you are unconsciously incompetent, you do not know what you do not know. You lack knowledge and self-awareness of the skills that are needed to make changes and you are unaware of this lack. You need to recognise your own incompetence and the value of learning new skills before moving onto the next stage.

Stage 2 - Consciously Incompetent

As you move towards being consciously incompetent you begin to become aware that you do not have the necessary skills to make positive changes. You begin to recognise that new skills are needed to gain competence. Motivation increases and small changes start to happen.

Stage 3 - Consciously Competent

Becoming consciously competent can take a little while to achieve. You steadily begin to learn new skills and you regularly put them into practice. This stage requires concentration, determination, focus and effort. With practice you can now apply the new skills learnt but you have to continually think about each step.

Stage 4 - Unconsciously Competent

Eventually you reach a point where you no longer have to think about what you are doing, and are competent with little or no effort as the result of many hours of practice. Your new positive behaviours have become second nature.

Progression takes place in the strict order of one, two, three and four. Occasionally, you can go back to previous stages if you fail to practice and exercise the new skills learnt.

Progression from one stage to the next is often accompanied by a feeling of awakening: “Oh I get it now!” Things begin to click into place. You feel like you have made a big step forward, because you have!